January 16, 2014

DOTA 2 store

hey, you! yeah, you! go buy my HUD's that recently got accepted for DOTA 2. 

forgot to mention this earlier. happy day!


  1. That's badass! Are you playing a lot of Dota2 - or what inspired you to make these HUDs?

  2. it was actually my friend sirio's idea to take a stab at the dota 2 workshop. these huds are really an experiment, to see how well they do. as for the themes, the thunder spirit hud coincided with the release of the hero storm spirit, and the thunder fury was, well, just because we liked the hero. i'm working on a full set for a hero on the side, so hopefully that'll get made, and eventually accepted into the game!

    semi-related, check out moby francke's work, he had a lot to do with dota and team fortress's style. plus he's a huge leyendecker fan, and who doesn't love that guys work? http://mobyfrancke.com/