April 24, 2013

life drawerings

first group is from last thursday. was using ballpoint, copics, sharpie pens, etc.

this group is from monday. was using a sharpie pen, and some copics with a bit of brush pen. frakking love me some inks.

April 17, 2013

dragon doodle

it's no LD Austin dragon sketch, but it was fun! couple of hours so far. need to work on being more deliberate with my strokes, i think i noodled too much on this one.

as i went, i kept expanding the canvas, which resulted in a pretty huge image (not quite 9000 pixels at its largest dimension). the image below is a crop of 100% zoom. i reallly like how it looks like a bunch of random scribbles that just so happen to look something like a dragon.

thanks for stopping by!

process stuffs

just a couple of process images of a few recent character pieces. thanks for looking. more stuffs coming soon!