March 12, 2013

more film studies

couple more studies from film stills

construction vehicle studies

started doing this exercise a few weeks ago, as per danny's suggestion. quick sketches in the morning before work. fun fun!


image dump of life drawings from the past few months. i promise to post these more regularly from now on.


had to make some paintings to be used in-game for work recently, so i turned it into a master study exercise. except for the dog, of course :) images are 256x512//512x256.

March 11, 2013


first image is some rough thumbs created for my concept class in school a semester or two ago. bottom image was an exercise i picked up from daryl mandryk, which was to spend an hour doing 1 minute abstract thumbnails. definitely received an ass-kicking! will definitely be doing that exercise again. 

psuedo speedpaint

one of the last paintings i did at school. done in a day and some change. acrylic on board. i was told to approach it like i would a digital painting... definitely destroyed my brain.

a robot for a 2-year old

2-year old's dig robots, right? oil on primed paper. this was actually my first "completed" oil painting. done for a friend's kiddo. apologies for the crappy photo.

portrait study from life

a portrait study from life. done a few (?) months ago. had a blast with this one. oil on canvas board. apologies for the crappy photo

plein air

a plein air study out in wimberly from a few weeks ago. i can't wait to get back out there... so many areas that were way more beautiful than what i chose to paint :) apologies for the crappy photo

rolls royce study

started this a while back. will wrap this one up soon!

science vehicle concept sketch

from school last year... still need to finish this one!


axe concept i was toying around with for Axe from dota 2. 


we were doing 1-hour speedpaints at work a while back, which was a great exercise. we'd come up with a fairly vague (in most cases, anyway) prompt, and get to it.

doodles + experiments = funsies

 random bugman doodle, an attempt at one of robotpencil's processes, and some robot experiments started with photos. fun times!

self portraits//portrait studies

from my last semester at school... portrait studies from a live model, self portraits, and a sketch based on a self portrait.

1-hour movie still studies

here's a few 1-hour studies from movie screenshots. these are super fun. as you can see, the success rate varies, but each one provides a small wealth of knowledge.

landscape studies

couple of older studies from the internets

scifi env sketch

a leftover sketch from school last year. still think this one has potential, just need to fix lots o stuffs!

after work bot

another quick post-work doodle. 

environment doodle

quick after-work sketch. 

March 10, 2013

New sketch blog!

In the process of turning this into a sketch blog! Image dump coming soon.