January 29, 2014

more dota 2 stuffs

this just got accepted as part of a larger bundle (hud + loading screen). woot!

and here's a few concepts for the character clinkz, of a similar theme. i think one of these will get made at some point.

character illustration process

several months ago, i did some character illustrations for a local company, and wanted to show some of the process. pretty straightforward: sketch pose, line work, color/value block in, and clean up! still working out how to get it efficient, but that's the journey, eh? will post some of the other characters later.

i wouldn't be happy either if i had to wear all that gear.

January 16, 2014

DOTA 2 store

hey, you! yeah, you! go buy my HUD's that recently got accepted for DOTA 2. 

forgot to mention this earlier. happy day!

art test + dota 2

here's something pretty light hearted. a silly art test i took for a gaming company a month or two ago. i didn't get the gig, but had more fun than i figured i would creating the imagery.

and here's a quick weapon for earthshaker from dota 2, which will hopefully be created soon. more coming soon, my poor neglected, blog. i promise <3